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April 13, 2011     Lake Stevens Journal
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April 13, 2011

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By this age, the back molars have grown in, and some front teeth have I'A Whatisthebestway The best way is to be prepared Many injuries occur because the individual is not properly trained prion starting MPT. ocs, CEAS the You should take the Cllnic Manager time to make sure that you have developed appropriate cardiovascular endurance and strength before jumping intoanewactivity. Youwouldn'tstarttminingfora marathonwitha25milerlm Startlightandworkupto youractivityorevent. ‘ Aphysicaltherapistcanheiptreatyourinjuryifnoeded. hutwewouldmuchratherdlatyouarepreparedwell enoudlthatyoudon'tgethurtindiefirstplace Dave Wheeler, Dave Wheeler, MPT, ocs. CEAS .. Cllnlc Manager 9514 4th street NE. Suite 101 , in Lake Stevens MITK (425) 397-2527 davldwowmmltnhaocom If} What should I expect following my Immediate denture? times vary per person. but for most. the 6 — 8 month rule is a good judge. At this point, immediate dentures should be finalized with a reline. It's important to get rid of the old liners and replace them with acrylic, to solidify and tighten the fit of the denture. At this time, we can also reduce the excessive bulkirl thedleekandlip area andeven reduce or increase dihclearance ofthe teeth to aid in speech and function It's an important and worthwhile step irl making a smile you can be proud of! Jeffrey Field, DPD Daedalus Denture Concepts Denturist and Dental Laboratory 360 568-3200 1-888-369-3599 Email: mDaodalusDenturescom 1024 First Street, Ste. 201, Snohomlsh. WA Dr. Jason Bourne, DDS begun to erupt'allowing the orthodontist to check and if there is going to be enough space for all the permanent teeth, and look for bite problems in the front-to- back and sidevtoside relationships. Early screening can improve your child's likelihood of I easily achieving a beautiful well-functioning bite and smile. 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By keepingyour spine balanced and Getfirgngdudumpruflcadjumabngmmfiedingmbodyhealdlyfoodadruddng plentyofwatelzregularexerciseandfindlngwayrtoreduoestress.allenhanceyoursuperpowertoallowyoutobecome 'dlebestyou—dleSUPBRYOUI SuperheroesUNITEl (No caperequired). ,l; Naturally Chiropractic Famin Wellness center :05 91st Ave. NE Suite 5504 NATURALLY . Lake Stevens. wnszss . ' Pll : 425-354-6258 C HI ROPRACTIC Email: frontdeskcnaturallggrllropractlcnet ' V Website: www.mturaliychlropracucnet Suite E Lake Stevens 425-334-1122 soundptcom .Li 0 . . ' www.mrth , ,. . PHYSICAL TH What is a Deep Cleaning at the Dentist? Plaque and tartar can collect on your teeth over time. Nth regular care and good hygiene. this plaque and tartar can be brushed away and removed during routine dental cleanings. If left undisturbed the plaque can calcify into a very hard material dentists call "calculus." Calculus is very rigid and most of the time cannot be removed with brushing alone. Bacteria thrive in environments with calculus and cause the surrounding structures ofbone and gums to be irritated Over time. the irritation leads to the loss of the supporting bone around teeth and the associated gum tissue. The boneless and deterioration around the teeth lead to pocketing around the teeth. These pockets are notorious for harboring the damaging bacteria that allows this cycle of irritation and bone loss to occur. The generally 4mm or more, are impossible to clean with toothbrush bristles. When these pockets exist and the bacteria are causing deterioration of the periodontal structures its known as "periodontal disease." Your dentist may recommend a deep. cleaning to help treat periodontal disease. The dentist uses local anesthetic to numb the affected areas and clean the deep pockets that cannot be reached with a toothbrush. These areas cannot be comfortably cleaned duringa routine dental cleaning Removal of the calculus that lies below the guns and disruption of the bacteria allow the chronic inflammation to improve, allowing a reduction in pocket depth. This reduction give: appropriate access. allowing routine brushing and cleanings to reach the needed areas. The problem is that until periodontal disease gets quite severe. the person often has no symptoms. The goodvnews is tln‘t if gum disease is caught in time, its progression can be halted and improved upon. Periodontal disease has also been linked to many chronic, systemic diseases a: well. It is mnemer irnpimant tohave your periodontal status assessed at routine dental checkups. Dr. Doug Bralcich 'Dr. Julio Lum Dr. Daug Brajcich 425-334-691 2 515 state Hwy 9 Suite 102 biog address Lake Stevens