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July 13, 2011     Lake Stevens Journal
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July 13, 2011

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Make sure your home is ready WON putting it on the market .... .. Presentation is everything Make sure is done before you list. Ask your Realtor for advice on what needs to be done as far as preparing to sell. such as cleaning. staging. Some of the biggest Cheryl Desrosier Owner/Broker mistakesasellermakesisnothavingthehome readyandappealingtobuyers. 'l'henextthing istomake'sure you do not overpriceyour home whenfirstlisted on the market. You may thinksomeonecancomeinandmakeanoffen however most buyers are skepticaltodojust thatifthehomeisboofaroutofitspricerange. lthasbeenproventimeandagainthatifyour homeiscleanandpricedrightitwillsellfasterl 103 South Granite Ave. Granite Falls v REAL ESTATE £33323: cheryldawlndermerecom What is glaucoma and how do i know if i have it? Glaucomaisgenerallya groupofdiseasesthatare characterizedbyelevated intraomlarpressureand prbgressiveirreversible opticnerwdamageitisthe secondleadingcauseofblindnessandonlyabouthalfof theestimatedBmillionpeoplewiththediseaselmowit inthe US. There no symptoms with gaucomauntilitis inadvanced stage orwilhtheacutelesscommon form lmprovedtedinologybothmtermsofcarlydetecfion andenhancedtrcamienthavcledtobetteroutcomes fordwsewiththediseaseMoreinfomationcanbe fotuid and htth/wwwglwcomaorg and htth/www. Nowisagreat timewbmmeyzm y . Sea Optical Michael J. Fleming, OD Michael J. Fleming. OD Frontier Village, Lake Stevens 425.334.8097 I'A Whatisamlatorcufl‘? Rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common injuries we encounter at Summit Rehabilitation. The rotator cuff is a group of four shoulder muscles and their tendons that work together to give us stability throughout our shoulders range of motion. These four muscles are the Supraspinatus. lnfraspina' tus.Subscapulans', dT Mm. 3" "es MPT, OCS,CEAS Because they work to stabilize a joint Cl'nlc Mmgel with so much available motion, the rotator cuff muscles are prone to injury, with the Supraspinatus being the most commonly injured of the four. A complete tear totherotatorcuffisllkelytoneedsurgerytorepairdietendon with Therapy afterwards. A rotator cuff tear, strain. tendonitis (an inflammation of the tendon). or bursitis (an inflammation of the bursa) can be helped by your Physical Therapist a thorough treatment program including appropriate exercises, manual therapy techniques, and anti- inllammatory modalities Dave Wheeler, MPT. 0C5. CEAS .x Cllnlc Manager @395“ 4th street NE. Suite 101 . “is Lake Stevens 5 U M M I It, (425) 397-2527 RtmlLirATion L.L.C. “he dammummmnmcom WW.M~W Dave Wheeler, Why is my denture cracking down the middle? Ill fitting dentures and malocclusion (uneven contact) are the most common cause. As tissues underneath your denture change, space may develop causing a slight rock or cantilever that weakens the denture. Also. many people chew dominantly on one side of their mouth resulting in uneven tooth wear. Once a denture becomes unbalanced, you run the risk of cracking or breaking It is advised to visit your denturist once a year to ensure the proper fit and function of your denture and to avoid poor oral tissue health. Jeffrey Field, DPD Daedalus Denture Concepts Denturist and Dental Laboratory 360 568-3200 1-888—309—3599 Email: JeMDeedalusDenturessom 1024 First Street, Ste. 201, Snohomleh, WA 98290 Comprdimn'vemdiodmficuummtanbeaummdousbawfitmabnostanypadmtno matterwhatl‘heage.Adultscanbenefitjustasmudia3childrmanddietreaunentdoesnot neaessarilyalwaystakeanylonger.Treatmentmaylastfromashtdeasfourmondisbutcanlast upmtwoorthreeyearsdepauiirlgontheoompladtyofthecaseSomeofdiemanybenefitsof ordwdonticn'eaunmtirmlude: -Slraighttieethandanicesmilethatimpromself—esteemand confidence. -Toprewntcxcanvewwmcammceedinotcmmcfingpmpalymdxdleopposmgud1 ~lmprovenmtofjaw/‘jointpain. -knprowdabihtymdeanonesueediandawidwodideaymdpadodontaldisease Dr. Jason Bourne. DDS ~BsabhshahaM1yfomdadonfordiempthnumhigmedimodmmmndwdmulwork Madmhmdmdmhicwduwbgymdayhbncesarestmfiemumga andrnoreeffectivedianeverbefore. WmmecmforubhandmkmmmwflidéarbmmdwphsdcapphmasConmnhMe Lake Stevens Journal July 13, 2011 Have a CIUGSthH for our professionals? Call them today! Do you have the light investments in place to help you meet your financial goals? FREE REVIEW Patrick T. Churchill, AAMS Financial Advlsor At Edward Jones, our business is to help people find solutions for their long-term financial goals. If you would like a free review of your retirement savings or any of your other investments to see if they are appropriate for your long-term goals. please call or stop by today. 9327 4th St. NE. Sulte Lake Stevens 425-391-2312 Member SIPC l'lthlli‘llJOfleS Mnmm unai or um um. What does the check engine light on my automobile mean, when It comes on? The check engine light will come on when the vehicle detects that some component of the vehicle is K ' prohibiting it from being within Dan House federal emissions standards. The check engine light does not mean that your car cannot be driven. but it is highly .recormnend having it diagnosed right away by a local repair shop. If the check engine light is flashing instead of illuminated constantly please drive your vehicle as little as possible and seek service right away. This condition usually occurs when an engine is Severe engine damage can occur. Sometimes there are symptoms and other limes none. The fact remains your vehicle is not operating the way it was 9015 Vernon Rd. Lake Stevens , I "V! 425-397-9830 What is Achilles Tendonitis? healthier plantar tree. FAR 'l'hesunhasfmallywonandit'sdmeto prune. Put away the hedgeuimmers and get outyourloppersandhandclippers Resist theurgemshearyourplantsunlessthey areanobvioushedgeplantlhmtheplant byremovingoneofanyparallelorcrossing branches. Removedeaddiseasedanddying branches Alsothmnoallowsunandair to penetrate and drudate promoting a Darrin French Sorneplantswilltumcdorsmthesun. [fyouinstallapurple leafedplantintoomuchshadeaipecttheleavestoturnmom green. WhereveryouinstallplanlsfromnowthruOctoberbesmeto watzrregularly. Evmaregularammmtofrainisnotenoughmkeepa mwplantaliveespedallyifit‘soncgallonorsmallertobeg‘n Changediebanerymyowirriganoncontmller Oneyearisallyou shoulduust Readdiemanualandlearnmsetupthecontrollato watermcflymdienandhawmuchyouwant Youcandothatbyusing mulfipleprogiams. ltwillallowyoutoconservewaoerbywatering onlytheareathatneedsitonahotdaymtherthanoverwateringthe entire Wolfe's Landscaping and irrigation Serving Snohomlsh County Since 1976 425-334-5790 Cont. Llcli GreenLL976R2 Are the drivers around you insured? The number of uninsured motorists during difficult times, could be above 25%. that's one in four drivers. Bruce C. Hauglie Should you have an accident and the other driver is uninsured. you may have to use your insurance policy for coverage. In addition to your automobile liability. you should include uninsured motorist coverage. Let us make sure here at the Bruce Hauglie Insurance Agency that you are adequately protected . 821 SR 9 Frontier Village :3 Lake Stowene ,1 425—334-5023 E R S bhauglleOl‘armehagentsom Achilles tendonitis is microscopic tearing of the tendon attaching the calf muscles to the heel. This is a common ailment in runners. Achilles tendonitis can be caused by lack of sufficient warm‘up before activity, running down frequently, tight hamstring muscles, fatigued inside quadriceps muscle or overly-developed outside quadriceps, and over-pronation of the feet, especially in Jessie Chao. PT female runners. Our physical therapists can help restore normal gait patterns and instruct in proper stretching and management of pain and dysfunction. Ask your doctor if NorthSound Physical Therapy is Wmmnbhmmsmmfldmdmymmubwmlhuflwmmatmhstahfimd right fMilo“- Bourne OrthodOntlcs 425-334-4053, 9633 Market Place 0 Suite 104 lake Stevens (Southeast Of Target) 1819 south Lake Stevens Road. Suite E Lake Stevens 425-534-1122 Any of your family playing school sports? Time to consider a custom, athletic mouth guard! Properly diagnosod. designed and custom fabricated moulhguards are essential in the prevention of athletic oral andfacral injuries. The National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic injuries. Inc. that dental injuries are the most common type of omfaclal injury sustained during participation in sports It is wtlmated by die American Dental Amiation that mouthguards prevent approximately 200,000 injuries each year in high school and collegiate football alone. A properly fitted mouthguard must be protective, comfortable. resilient. tear resistant. odorless, tasteles. not bulky. cause minimal interference to speaking and breathing, and (possibly the most important criteria) have mellent retention, fit, and sufficient ' thickness in critical areas. A study shows in football (where mouthguards are commonly worn), 07% of the injuries were orofacial. in basketball where mouthguards are not routinely worn, 34% of the injuries were orofacial. Various degrees of injury. from simple mansions and lacerations to avulsions and fractured jaws werereported There is also some theories that mouthguards may prevent or decrease the severity of concussions. Custom made mouthguards are supplied by your dentist. They fulfill all the criteria for adaptation, retention, comfort, and stability of material. 'l'hey interfere the least with speaking and studies have shown that the custom made mouthguard has virtually no effect on breathing Over the counter products are unable to deliver the level of comfort, protection and performance of custom sportsguards. Let. us know if you have anyquustions or if we can help protect you or your children from sports related injuries More information at han/wwwsportsdmtistrycom/mouthguardshtml Want a topic discussed in What the Pros Know? limall mellontdentalcare©gmailcom The Big, and The Bigger, idea Whatstheliigldea?lnChuopractkitsthefactthatweallhavethepotmtialto grow strongeror weakereveryday. We can grow/stronger everyday by ensuring ourbrain 8: wmumatingas clearly as possible. so that every cell. organflrsystemisworkinginharmony8zatitspeak.Wecanemureaclearer Chiropractic care to help usbeourbest, inside 8r out every day The BlGGER idea is that ifwe can be our best. inside 8: out every day, do you think we would feel better or worse. physically. emotionally 8: spiritually? lfwe feel better physically. & spiritually. do you think -. , our communication Sr relationships with our our spouse &’our‘neiglibors D's. Nicole Dan M orin’ Lisa & Kim would improve or get worse? if our communication Sr relationships improve, do you think it would agate a more peaceful 81 tolerant environment'in our homes. schools 8: community, or less peaceful 8: tolerant? If our environments become more peaceful 81 tolerant. do you think we can influence other families. schools 8: communities to become more peaceful 81 tolerant? How far can we reach? How much change (an we bring about, just by starting with ourselves? YOU are worth it. YOU have immeasurable capacity for all things. Trust in your ability to be more than what you are currently experiencing Be your best every inside Sr out — Be a part of the BIGGER Idea. it all begins with YOU! D. Dog Brajlc Dr. Julie Lum . Dr.Doug Brajcich 425-334-6912 515 state Hwy 9 Suite 102 biog address http://askdrdoug.blogspotcony. Lake Stevens Naturally Chiropractic Family Wellness Center 303 91$t Ave. NE Suite 5504 Lake Stevens. WA 98258 NATURALLY . Phone: 425-534-6258 C: H “(Cl l7) K: Email: frontdeskonaturallychlropractlcnet v Website: www.naturallychlropractlcnet